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With the proliferation of different mobile devices and their various capabilities, especially their Wi-Fi or internet connectivity, It is significantly important to be able to gauge the speed that they are generating in order to understand the full benefit that we get out of the brands of these devices. When it comes to internet speed testing tool, there are a handful to choose from and it’s quite important to choose the one that really works on your device in order to get the full satisfaction that you need.

Here are the top internet speed testing tools being used as an application in a smart phone.

  • Speed test – is the most popular sped testing for mobile devices, especially for android mobile phones. What it does is basically measure your phone’s internet connection ability to download or upload any type of data. It is capable in testing speeds for 3g, 4g WiFI and LTE’s and you will be able to have a clearer view because the application displays every detail on its interface.
  • Sensorly – this speed test tool has amazing visuals and it does work definitely well for what it’s supposed to do. Furthermore, it also shows comparison of other providers within the vicinity where you tested you internet speed. You will get the data you wanted to see plus show you a comparative results with what other provider has.
  • Opensignal – much similar with sensorly however there are unique features that the opensignal offers. This app also shows a map and reflects other carriers around the certain area where the speed test is done. Furthermore, it also gives the user a notification or a direction to where the best signal WiFi is. You could also see that the application ranks all carriers with the internet service that they have for their users.

Among other speed testing tools, these three are far the best tool for testing internet speed in a mobile device and so far, nobody made a complaint for the reliability of these applications.

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