Ensuring that your internet speed is reliable with internet speed test

The internet has been important for the most part of our lives. We use it for communication, research and other important stuff that makes our lives easier to live. Furthermore, the internet allows us to have access to the most important information’s like news, the weather, and other things that matters. So having a reliable internet speed is very important to everybody of us. However, most of us rely on the knowledge that our internet speed is reliable according to what the company says. We usually let our internet connection be and we don’t bother checking on it anytime.

Unfortunately, internet connections can’t be reliable always. There are times, and we don’t know it, our internet connections getting slower and slower. It is during these times that we need to have a tool that can test the speed of our connection for us to see whether we are receiving the internet speed that we paid for. Relatively, there are already online internet speed measuring tools which we can use for free. However, these tools may require some data’s to be type in first, which the used does not know about, prior the test begins and that’s quite an added work for the one who’s just trying to find out what he’s internet speed is.

Speed test application

When measuring your internet speed, you need a tool called speed test. Speed test is an online tool which you can access on their website or download an application of the speed test then you can right away test the speed of your connection. The tool features two basic data that determines the overall speed of your internet connection speed. The first is your download speed data, your download speed data reflects the speed in which the internet data is feed on to your computer. This is the feed that we notice once we browse through a website.

The other data is the upload speed. The upload speed measured the speed with which your data is sent to the World Wide Web. Most common situation is when we upload photos on our social media accounts like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. And not only on social media, sending documents through emails and other files can be considered upload therefore, the speed test application is able to reflect a data of it as well.

How to use the application?

The application is not really difficult to navigate. There is only one button to click on and that is the start button. Once that button is clicked the application will automatically measure your download and upload speed simultaneously and you get results in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, you will also be prompted with the progress of the test with a green graphic with represents the percentage of the completion of the speed test.

Overall, the advantage of having a speed test application is well appreciated if it is used in a timely manner. Having that assurance that you are receiving what you paid for is something that gives you comfort and confidence. Subsequently, this will make you satisfied with the services that you received from your provider.


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